Age Really IS Just A Number

“When I joined Precision Krav Maga, I was extremely concerned that, because I am sixty three, I would be the older guy who couldn’t accomplish what I wanted to in class.”

Jim K. says he does classify himself as a senior citizen, but he is hardly slowing down. Having trained with Chris in Krav Maga for a year and moving up to level two before COVID-19 hit, Jim became aware of certain physical obstacles he had to address.

“I came to one class and realized this was what was missing in my life, so I signed up for three years all at once,” Jim states, “However, around the time I noticed that previous injuries I sustained were a little sore after Krav class, COVID-19 shut everything down.”

Having dealt with other past health problems, Jim had to play it safe to start, taking a break from group classes even as they resumed.

But for fear he was both going to become a hermit and that his previous limitations would prevent him from participating in Krav Maga again, Jim began to explore the fitness program at Precision Krav Maga.

“Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t return to Krav, so I decided to sign up for the fitness program to remedy those injuries,” Jim says, “Why sit around and wait, anyhow?”

His family was skeptical of him going to a gym during a pandemic at first, especially given his health obstacles. Yet Chris and the team at Precision were meticulous about client safety, giving Jim an opportunity impossible to find at any other fitness chain.

“Between online class and one-on-one sessions where the gym is completely empty, training with Nate is a blast,” Jim starts, “we actually have the gym to ourselves most of the time; where else do you get that kind of treatment?”

Between the Krav Maga program and the fitness program, Jim has now been at Precision Krav Maga for two years, accrediting the return of his youthful physicality to it.

“Seniors seem to be always taken advantage of, physically and financially,” he states, “I was determined to not be ‘that guy,’ just as much as I did not want to be ‘that guy’ physically. You know, the ‘older guy in the class,’ out of breath on the sidelines.”

Training with Krav Maga has allowed him to stay physically active no matter his age, restore confidence in his abilities to defend himself, and most importantly, have the strength to do it.

And his advice to others is simple yet profound.

“Don’t let yourself be ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’ that is at a disadvantage. I mean, in my fifties I realized I had become ‘that guy’ that needed help. It was time to mentally and physically change the game. And trust me, it’s never too late.”

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