Habits are created from intentional actions performed in repetition. Your mind has a lot of power over the rest of the body, as what you think determines who you are. Here at Precision Krav Maga, we work to foster positive and healthy mindsets that transcends to all areas of life, especially your physical fitness.


Each individual person has specific, individual nutritional needs, and the total intake of calories determines weight loss, maintenance, and gain. The formula might not be a one size fits all, but it is rather simple! Therefore, we use this effective approach to help your transformation.


The human body craves movement, especially movements of increasing complexity. We at Precision Krav Maga focus more on movement, so we start with the basics to build a solid fitness foundation. As opposed to arbitrarily throwing exercises around like darts at a dartboard, hoping we hit a bullseye, we focus directly on a proven, scientific method of movement.


Recovery at Precision Krav Maga goes far beyond just resting. Rest is absolutely necessary, but traditionally too passive. You don’t need to do anything while you’re sleeping. On the other hand, recovery is an active process of bringing the body back in to a state of readiness. our fitness program features a process of active recovery, providing a wealth of information on techniques to try at home.


Every hero deserves to be fit and fearless

Fit & Fearless is Precision Krav Maga’s flagship transformation program expertly designed to deliver results. In this program, you create the change that you want to see for yourself.

Our Fit & Fearless program provides you with simple, practical guidance to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We work diligently with every client to ensure that their confidence and strength develop every day. Seeing these changes in yourself naturally builds confidence and strengthens your personal development everyday.

Precision Krav Maga has a full schedule of practical, customized fitness classes ready and waiting for you.


Schedule Your Class: We get that you have a busy life, and that’s why we have frequent


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Become the Fearless Hero: Our programs have been refined to give you the most bang for your buck so you don’t have to live in a gym, but rather see the results from decades of experience.

This is why we do what we do.

What people are saying about precision Krav Maga.

Precision Krav Maga is more than kicking butt and taking names. Whether you’re coming to help build confidence, establish strong self-defense skills, or build a healthier you, we are here to deliver a positive impact on your life.

Nicole L.


“I’m sure most picture MMA or street fighting when hearing about Krav, but it is far more productive. You’re surrounded by empowering, like-minded people. Plus, Precision takes a basic skill and evolves it into real world self-defense, I am timid, and this was something completely out of my comfort zone. But, believe me when I say I feel unbelievably more confident going places alone. I have this sense of independence and internal confidence I’ve never had before.”

Mark S.


“I came to Precision Krav Maga first to learn how to defend myself and gain confidence. I met Chris and we created a plan that included strengthening my body, losing some fat, and making myself stronger to learn krav maga. I love their custom approach because they took the time to find out what I needed, instead of treating me like I was a number.”

Our Mission: Building Stronger Futures

The way we see it, it’s pretty simple — being your own hero is tough. In today’s culture, discipline, a positive attitude, and growth minded environment are extremely difficult to find.

That’s why we break our mission down into 3 parts – how, why, and what we do. 

Our Why: Precision Krav Maga exists to do one thing – build stronger futures in our communities through the discipline of a combative system. That’s our purpose behind everything we do, and every environment we create for your family is built with that mission in mind.

How We Do It: We believe in “hard-fun”. We are going to challenge you and push you to unlock your inner hero. There are no participation trophies or handouts. But we promise to keep you engaged, enthralled, and entertained. You’re  having a blast while learning to be focused, stronger, and disciplined.

What We Offer: Precision Krav Maga is more than just a gym for you and your kids to thrive in. We offer firearms safety, and our unique Fit & Fearless training programs so you can create the change that you want to see for yourself.