I Don’t Fear A Damn Thing

“My body is my instrument, so thanks to Precision Krav Maga, I now pay even more meticulous attention to my health, what I eat, and protecting myself.”

Musician and entertainer Matt E. was born for the stage. Fronting several rock bands since he was fourteen years-old opening for Bad Boy, Matt does not have an off switch. He is constantly busy with music and his job, but once COVID-19 reared its ugly head into our worlds, the pause button was slammed.

“I lost my job of fifteen years, I suddenly couldn’t perform with my bands; times got really weird thanks to this pandemic,” Matt confesses, “but what’s gotten me through ten-fold has been Krav Maga.”

Beginning at Precision Krav Maga in what Matt refers to as the “cursed year of 2020,” Matt stays dedicated with laser focus, attending classes at least three times a week both to strengthen his mind, body, and spirit, and to build up muscle memory in these skills.

“I had looked into all forms of martial arts, whether it be wang chung, karate, or Tae Kwon Do, and none of them came close to what Chris and Precision could offer me: a real-world application of the best of all worlds.”

Aside from the priceless skill of learning to protect yourself real fast and real hard, Matt finds Krav Maga to be the perfect outlet in a world that has been stripped of normalcy.

“Anytime you’re pouring sweat and exhausted, you’re focused on the task at hand. Much like applying Krav to a real life attack, you develop a tunnel vision and shut out all the other noise in the world. You’re in the moment; you’re in the “now,” and much like my love for music and singing, the rest of life’s problems are minimized.”

And while others in Matt’s shoes may have felt helpless if they had lost their job and their passion thanks to COVID-19, Matt is the antithesis of fear.

“You can’t let it consume you; you’ve got to keep pushing with a brevity into the unknown. Pandemic or not, life is tough. Lock in, focus, and get the job done.”

Fear is not and never has been part of Matt’s vocabulary; however, that does not mean he rests on his laurels in trying something new and physical like Krav Maga. Seeking out the biggest student in class to give himself a challenge, Matt has discovered that power comes from all types.

“Honestly, the women in my classes are absolute warriors! They pack a punch, and are just as much on the same playing field as someone three times their size.”

He goes on to conclude that, “this is a true testament to why everyone should try Krav, even for one class. You really realize your potential once you’re there, physically participating and pushing your limits.”

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