Social Distancing And Self-Defense: Is Krav Safe?

COVID-19 has certainly created a “new frontier” in both good and bad ways. There is so much new opportunity in a world where we’ve essentially hit the reset button; however, just as much is in question. Is it safe to go to a restaurant if I wear a mask? Should I limit my time at a store to help stop the spread?

One question we receive at Precision Krav Maga quite frequently since March 2020 is whether or not participating in a physical activity like Krav Maga is safe during a pandemic.

While gyms were among some of the most affected businesses when this pandemic first hit, Precision Krav Maga focused hard on safely keeping our doors open. It was not easy; it is never going to be easy when you are forced to close for reasons completely out of your control. But we did, and by all means, adapted and overcame this insurmountable obstacle.

At the start, we migrated our lessons in Krav Maga online for our monthly members to partake in, giving them a chance to keep their skills fresh from home. Our video lessons included helpful hints on more effective form in striking a would-be attacker and muscle strengthening exercises to go along with them. Of course, the goal is not to be a fully remote Krav Maga gym, yet we did not want a single one of our members to feel abandoned or shut out during such a tumultuous time.

Now that the “New Normal” has begun and we work our way to eventually go beyond masks and social distancing, Precision Krav Maga maintains our focus on safety and understanding that without question, every situation is unique and every person is different.

Your health and safety is and always will be our top priority. Our gym and equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each class and client use, ensuring that each student is working out in a completely sanitary facility.

In Addition to our meticulous cleanliness, we also have nutrition and supplement coaching to help boost your immune system; an internal level of protection against COVID-19.

Perhaps you want to partake in Krav Maga in person but are unsure about physical contact with another student. Let us know! Maybe you want individualized training when the gym is empty? No problem!

Even during traditional times, Krav Maga is designed to teach you how to feel safe, strong, and secure in your everyday life. We are not here to make a bad situation worse; we are here to change your life in a positive way.

Be not afraid, contact us today about our diverse program and let us know what your threshold is. These are unprecedented times; let us be a constant in your life to help you make positive change.


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