Staying Dedicated Is Key

“Coming to Precision Krav Maga and being able to just lock in and ‘go’ for an hour really allows you to forget about the troubles you face in the real world and decompress.”

Partaking in our fitness program is an understatement for Nicole L., as she attends training sessions up to four times a week at our facility. Having been part of the Krav Maga program initially, she sustained a mild injury which prompted her to switch gears and focus on fitness to rehabilitate and recharge.

“Because of its convenient location in Waukesha and being only a block away from my work, I can frequent Precision Krav Maga often and really see tremendous progress both in my strength and recovery from injury,” Nicole says.

Curiosity about self-defense training like Krav Maga brought Nicole to Precision Krav Maga initially, discovering that a welcoming option was close to home, “It really provides a way for me to disconnect from the rigor of the real world, even prior to COVID-19.”

Speaking of which, when the pandemic descended on the United States, the stress of the unknown coupled with misinformation and confusion in the news infiltrated Nicole’s quiet, balanced life.

“I was deemed an essential worker, so I always had to go into work,” Nicole starts, “and while that was a positive thing, I was also stressed about somehow giving COVID-19 to higher risk individuals that I work around, so I was unsure if I’d be able to return to Krav or fitness training classes.”

While stress was unavoidable unbiased fear in 2020, Precision Krav Maga pivoted in profound ways for its members, especially Nicole.

“Precision cleans everything and is mindful of those people like me who are stressed about passing COVID-19 to those more susceptible to it,” Nicole confirms, “they implement social distancing where applicable and encourage masks to those coming in closer contact with one another.” 

Additionally, she is often socially distanced in a way where she rarely, if ever, comes in contact with someone other than Nate, our personal trainer here at Precision Krav Maga.

As a person who has a more reserved personality, Nicole encourages those who are hesitant in joining either Krav Maga or the fitness program to know that it’s unlike anything out there.

“I’m sure most picture MMA or street fighting, but it is far more productive. You’re surrounded by empowering, like-minded people. Plus, Precision takes a basic skill and evolves it into real world self-defense,” Nicole reassures.

“I am timid, and this was something completely out of my comfort zone,” Nicole starts, “but believe me when I say I feel unbelievably more confident going places alone. I have this sense of independence and internal confidence I’ve never had before.”

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